Spring is the most exciting season -- to see the bulbs and perennials return makes me feel rewarded for the previous year's gardening efforts.

Early Bloomers
Crocus and Tulip bulbs bloom along with Primroses in the front garden under the Magnolia tree.

Last year I pruned the Wisteria vine back and it responded with a lot of gorgeous, full blooms this year. This shot is before the trellis was added to our porch.

This grass-like plant in the foreground is the bane of my existence. It blooms early in the year and spreads rapidly. Actually it's an attractive plant, but I recommend planting it in a contained area such as in this photo. Here it's in a flower bed underneath our pink Camelia.

Making a Flower Bed
This Camelia is in the back yard. Camelias are messy when they drop their large blossoms at the end of the season. We have three Camelias: white, pink and dark pink.
   Last spring I decided to put in a shade garden under this one and used a garden hose to design the shape of the bed. Plants included violas, black mondo grass and bleeding heart. See the results on the summer page.

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