Summer photos show the amazing selection of plants available from friends, nurseries and farmer's markets.

Dracunculus vulgaris aka Snake Lily, Voodoo Lily,
Old Smelly, Devil's Tongue
In 2006, our first year in this house, this plant did not flower. But this year the conditions must have been right because bloom it did! It's very unusual and emits a smell. Read more here.

Roses and I do not get along that well.
I removed several rose bushes from our yard (and Pete helped in his own special way by mowing over one of them), but I kept this rose bush because it's quite healthy and beautiful.

Passion Flower Vine
This past winter was snowy and cold and I thought I lost my Passion Flower Vine. So I bought another one and planted it next to the dead one. Lo and behold they both prospered! Here is one of the exotic blossoms on the new vine.


Flower Pot Arrangement
I kept seeing this Diamond Frost Euphorbia in articles on flower pot arrangements so I had to buy it when I found some at the Tacoma Dome Farmer's Market! I paired it with several varieties of Coleus and Potato Vine.

Lotus Vine
Look at the exotic flowers on the Lotus Vine! I had never seen one in bloom and it is striking.

Shade Garden
I got a great deal on violas at the Puyallup Farmer's Market so, underneath one of the Camelias, I interpersed them with Black Mondo Grass and Bleeding Hearts.

Sedum Wreath
My sister gave me a wreath of sedums that she made. Check out the beautiful flower!

Bowling Ball Garden
No pruning required!

Solenia Begonia
Light Yellow
Love, love, love it! This plant is a real trooper. I bought it at the farmer's market and it promptly dropped all of its blooms. It came back in a big way and has been blooming nonstop.

Front Porch Trellis
Pete built this new trellis for our front porch so the wisteria can grow up it to the porch railing on the second floor. The trellis openings match the panes in the front window shown at right in photo. Beautiful job!

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