Gardening Contest

In 2007 I entered a contest called "Curb Appeal" which was co-sponsored by the Point Defiance Flower and Garden Show and MetroParks Tacoma. The contest involved making over a narrow strip or the parking strip using one of four themes. I used a drought-tolerant theme.

So while I didn't win, it was fun and the deadlines provided the motivation to get it done! Read the article on the seven Curb Appeal gardens published in the Tacoma News Tribune. Ours is mentioned in the third paragraph (South State Street).

Here are some before-and-after photos.


During the installation:

Final contest photos:

These are 6' wide by 12' deep flower beds. Each year we're going to add another 6' to each bed so that eventually there will be no grass left on the parking strip - - can't wait!

Flower List:

California Poppy
Fragaria frel Ornamental Wild Strawberry ‘Lipstick’
Heather Erica darleyensis ‘Mediterranean White’
Hebe 'Boughton Dome'
Kniphofia Poker Plant 'Flamenco'
Portaluca Rose
Rosmarinus Officinalis Rosemary ‘Huntington Carpet’
Rudbeckia black-eyed Susan
Sedum Stonecrop ‘Aurea’
Sedum Stonecrop ‘Autumn Joy’
Sedum Stonecrop ‘Coral Carpet’
Sedum Stonecrop ‘Matrona’
Sedum Stonecrop spathulifolium ‘Cape Blanco’
Sempervivum Hens & Chicks
Verbena Canadensis ‘Homestead Purple’

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