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Pennsylvania -- September 2007
Shanksville and Schellsburg
Bedford and Fort Bedford
Morrison's Cove
Fredericksburg and Martinsburg
Juniata College

We spent several nights in Bedford, a town that developed in response to 17th and 18th century trading, military and transportation influences. It was established in 1754 and was the 1793 site of President George Washington's review of federal troops assembled to quell rebellious farmers during the Whiskey Insurrection. Here are a few of the many historic homes in Bedford.

The Wm H Hartley Mansion c.1870

Our first stop was the Fort Bedford Museum.Strategically located on a bluff overlooking the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River, Fort Bedford controlled the river gap and served as a supply area for the vanguard of men advancing over the Allegheny Mountains to Fort Ligonier and Fort Pitt. After the French and Indian War campaign, it stood until the 1770s and was used as a refuge from Indian attacks as westward migration increased in the 18th century. The military road called Forbes Road became the main route west and parallels much of U.S. Route 30 today. The village of Bedford grew up around the stockade and became the first county seat west of the Tuscarora Mountains.
   We learned about the Simon S. Brumbaugh Distillery and enjoyed seeing various means of transportation, including the Conestoga wagon used by our ancestors to travel to Pennsylvania.

photo courtesy of Ed

Read more about the Espy House and the Whiskey Rebellion.

photo courtesy of Ed

Ed, my dad, enjoyed taking us to dinner at Ed's Steak House!

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